Thread, the latest social media app from Meta, is rapidly gaining popularity as a private and intimate way to connect with friends and family on Instagram. As you consider signing up for Thread, it’s essential to understand the following key points and how it differs from platforms like Twitter.

1. You Need An Instagram Account

To access Thread, you need an Instagram account. If you don’t have one, creating a free account is necessary. However, keep in mind:

– Thread is only available as a mobile app, not as a web application.

– Availability may be limited in certain regions due to regional restrictions e.g Europe.

– As Thread is still under development, expect occasional bugs and missing features.

2. You Get Unified Username and Profile Picture

When you join Thread, your Instagram username and profile picture will be automatically synchronized. This ensures easy recognition by your Instagram friends and followers. While you can use different credentials, it’s generally recommended to maintain consistency. Note the following:

– Changes made to your Instagram username or profile picture will be reflected on Thread.

– Deleting your Instagram account will result in the deletion of your Thread account.

3. Your Sharing Options

Thread primarily focuses on text-based interactions but allows sharing of photos and videos as well. To share content, tap the “+” button and choose the desired media type. Consider the following:

– Photos and videos shared on Thread have a maximum file size of 50MB.

– You can only share content from your phone’s library; live video sharing is not supported.

4. You Have More Privacy Features

By default, Thread ensures privacy, allowing only approved individuals to follow you. You can switch to a public account if desired. Keep these points in mind:

– You can approve followers based on their username, email address, or phone number.

– Blocking options are available to restrict unwanted followers.

– Public accounts on Thread make your posts visible to anyone.

5. Data Collection Practices

During registration, Thread requests personal information such as your name, email address, phone number, and location. Additionally, it collects data on your app usage. Consider the following:

– Personal information and usage data are collected when you sign up.

– Data collection is essential for service provision, improvement, and targeted advertising.

Comparison: Twitter vs. Thread

Here’s a quick comparison between Twitter and Thread:

Target audience:

Twitter: General public

Thread: Close friends and family


Twitter: Text, photos, videos, links, and GIFs

Thread: Text only

Character limit:

Twitter: 280 characters per tweet

Thread: 500 characters per post

Posting frequency:

Twitter: Unlimited

Thread: Limited to 30 posts per day

Direct messages:

Twitter: Available

Thread: Available


Twitter: Available

Thread: Available


Twitter: Supported

Thread: Not supported

Trending topics:

Twitter: Present

Thread: Not present


Twitter: Public, protected, or private

Thread: Private by default


Twitter: Advertisements present

– Thread: No advertisements yet


Twitter: Twitter, Inc.

Thread: Meta Platforms, Inc.


Before joining Thread, it’s crucial to be aware of its unique aspects. Its integration with Instagram, emphasis on privacy, text-focused content, and limited media sharing options provide a more intimate experience. However, it’s important to consider the potential data collection practices and the fact that the platform is still in development. By understanding these key considerations and comparing Thread to other platforms like Twitter, you can make an informed decision about whether Thread aligns with your preferences for a social media experience.


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